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  • One day an herbivorous myosaurus mother finds an abandoned egg. She decides to take it home and take care of it along with her own egg. When the egg hatches she finds a carnivorous baby tyrannosaurus! She names him "Heart," names her own baby "Light," and loves them both equally. Heart is raised an herbivore and never doubts otherwise. But eventually he meets other T-Rexes and learns of his true nature. Shocked, Heart decides he cannot stay with his mom and brother Light anymore and leaves home without a word. All grown up, Heart is now a strong carnivorous dinosaur, but a loner, not belonging to the local pack, because he is not getting along with fellow T-Rexes - especially one called "Gonza." The Boss of the pack, Baku, learns of this and banishes Heart from the territory. Heart complies and leaves the familiar land to begin his journey. On the road, Heart finds an egg, out of which is born an ankylosaurus baby. Heart says out loud, "You look yummy!" and tries to eat it, but the baby thinks his name is "Yummie," thinks Heart is his dad, and quickly gets attached. Heart, unable to eat Yummie now that he is apparently his father, instead decides to take him along on his journey. The lonely Heart is now filled with his love for Yummie, a feeling similar to what his mother had once shown him...
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