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The VHS era was like none other in the history of cinema. This new format rose quickly in the early 70's when there was a Block Buster on every street corner only to die off with the advent of the DVD in the early 2000s. But VHS is rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, being relived and retooled by the most dedicated and rabid fan-base of its kind. VHS Lives. goes deep into the psyche of VHS collectors, showing just why VHS is coming back into the public eye and why VHS is the hottest cult collector craze since the full beard and the boom in vinyl record sales. You may think you're hip, but unless you own cult horror big box video nasties, with the faint whiff of mold and the smell of old video stores, you are very wrong. Directed and Produced by Tony Newton Producer of "60 Seconds to Die"indiehistoricalhuman interestPlot summaryAdd synopsisGenresDocumentaryHorrorCertificateTV-14Parents guideAdd content advisory


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