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  • Hideshi Hino
  • Production Company
  • Sai Enterprise

From the safety of Tokyo's thick night shadows, an invisible masked predator stalks his unsuspecting next victim: a doomed young woman in black on her way home. As acrid chloroform gets the job done, the fine specimen slowly wakes up in the powerful tormentor's blood-stained pit of torture, only to realise that the real nightmare begins now, with her tied down to a bed next to an extensive collection of common household tools and torture instruments. Now, a horrible vision haunts the pale-faced samurai of suffering, who intends to take his time to dismember the young lady and to disconnect all her limbs from the body. Will death's fragrant stench bring out the red flower's inner beauty? —Nick Riganasinjusticedead animalchickeneccentricityflower205 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisGenresShortHorrorParents guide

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