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Hannes is a beer-truck driver in Dortmund. His biggest dream is to win the first prize at the International Time-Table Contest in Inari (Finland). When his new boss cancels his extra ...

Hannes, a shy, lonely beer lorry driver, has one passion in life: train timetables. He dreams of winning the first prize at the first international competition for readers of train timetables, to be held in the Finnish town of Inari. His special leave is canceled, he knocks his boss unconscious, and meets a woman on his way there. What he doesn't know is his boss has been found dead and he is the prime suspect. An experienced police inspector starts to track Hannes down, and finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into the world of timetables. Ignorant of who is looking for him, Hannes manages to stay one step ahead of his pursuer, but the woman pops in and out of his life at unexpected moments, with surprising results.


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