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Two single parents - male and female - along with their kids have to involuntarily share a house for their holidays.

The divorced American chef Matthew "Matt" Farragher takes two week vacation to spend with his son Lewis and his daughter Daphne Farragher in the Balboa Island, in Panama. The German researcher of the genetically modified vegetables Dr. Julia Weiland is also taking vacation in Balboa with her sons Thomas and Max and her boring fiancé Russell. Matt gives freedom to his children and has fun with them while the uptight Julia raises her sons with rigid discipline. While driving to the ferry to the island, Matt and Julia have an argument. Soon they learn that they both rented the same house by the sea due to a mistake of the real estate. Further, the hotels and island are completely booked and they need to share the house. However, along the days their initial animosity begins to change while their children get along with each other very well. But Russell wants to marry Julia and Matt's girlfriend Felice wants to go one step ahead in their relationship.


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