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  • Ex-detective Joanne Kilbourn now works as a university lecturer and a "law and order" commentator for the local news. She is reminded of the reason why she left the force when the six-year-old case file on her husband's murder is reopened and a suspect, Kevin Tarpley, is arrested. Kevin denies being the killer but does seem to have insider information about Ian's death; unfortunately, Kevin is gunned down in the street soon after his arrest. When Joanne is confronted by Kevin's mysterious wife, Maureen Gault, at a party in front of all of Ian's old politician friends, she begins investigating. Soon, she finds herself the chief suspect in a murder, and she also discovers that Ian's old friends aren't exactly friends to her. This film is the fourth in a series featuring Joanne Kilbourn; it resolves the murder of her husband and her longstanding flirtatious relationship with her ex-partner, Millard.

  • Widowed Joanne Kilbourn is an ex-police officer turned criminology professor and television news liaison on criminal matters. Her husband Ian was the Ontario provincial Attorney General when he was murdered, the murder never solved. Six years after the murder, the police arrest Kevin Tarpley for the murder. Now a born again Christian, Kevin doesn't directly admit to the murder, but he does seem to know what happened. But before the police can get the information from him, Kevin is shot dead by an unknown sniper. However before his arrest, Kevin mailed to Joanne a news clipping of Ian's funeral, the clipping she believes a warning of some sort. Kevin's wife, Maureen Gault, also seems to know what's going on, and implicates Ian's former cabinet colleagues as being complicit in something. Those colleagues are most specifically already deceased Andy Boychuk, Tess Malone (whose pro-life views were against that of the official party line), Gary Hargrave, and the former Premier himself, Howard Downey. Howard has just been issued an appointment to the UN. Against the wishes of the police, especially Inspector Philip Millard, Joanne's ex-partner and chief investigator in Ian's murder, Joanne probes deeper into the case, and in doing so knows that Ian's cabinet colleagues are not telling her something important that could lead to finding Ian's murderer. She also puts herself in danger as the murderer knows she's getting closer to finding the truth.


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