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  • Francis Ford Coppola
  • Production Companies
  • American Zoetrope
  • Warner Bros./Seven Arts

Having discovered that she is pregnant, Natalie Ravenna, a Long Island housewife panics and leaves home to see if she might just possibly have made something different out of herself; if she can manage to unshackle her grocery list worth of responsibilities that add up to a life with a husband she loves. In a motel room where Natalie stops to rest during the day, she sits motionless on the bed, and experiences the exuberance of complete freedom and the queasy feelings of new beginnings. Natalie continues on with her journey and picks up a young hitch-hiker named Killer, an attractive brain-damaged football player. It is through Killer that a more disturbing question is posed to Natalie than that of domestic responsibility. How deeply are we wedded to chance meetings and are we responsible for the crimes that we witness? —alfiehitchiebare breastsbare bottompregnant character played by pregnant actressnudityscene during opening credits68 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesRain People don't run away from their hang-ups. Just themselves!GenreDramaCertificateRParents guideAdd content advisory


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