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13-year-old Vic is new in her high school. She soon makes friends with Penelope and they check out guys together, in the quest for a great love. Then Vic's parents complicate her life by not allowing her to attend the "boum," a big party. But with help from Grand-mere Poupette, Vic is allowed to go, and she falls in love with Matthieu. Meanwhile, her parents' marriage is on the edge when her father's ex-girlfriend demands one last night with him. —Tom Zoerner teenage girlfriendship13 year oldfirst lovemother daughter relationship43 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesVic is young, beautiful, in love and totally mixed up. But when you're 14.... that's the best way to be! [Video Australia]GenresComedyDramaRomanceCertificatePGParents guide


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