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A computer programmer stumbles upon a conspiracy, putting her life and the lives of those around her in great danger.

Angela Bennett lives the life of a computer geek: she works from home as a contract employee of Cathedral Software as a software analyst, lives a reclusive life on her computer and as such has few friends or acquaintances who even know what she looks like. Even her mother, who has Alzheimer's, no longer recognizes her. Cathedral's fortunes in the computer software world are increasing with what looks to be the universally used Gatekeeper security program, which they developed. During a period when Angela is dealing with what looks to be a virus in one of Cathedral's new games, she takes a vacation to Mexico. There, she meets the suave Jack Devlin, the two who begin a romance. But Jack is not all he seems as he tries to kill her, apparently having something to do with the work issue she is facing. Angela manages to escape from Jack, but hits larger issues when slowly she realizes that Jack and the group to which he is tied, who she eventually learns are called the Praetorians, have stolen her identity, and provided her a new identity with a criminal history. As Angela tries to find anyone who can vouch for her assertion of who she really is (with most in authority not believing her story since their computer systems are protected by the fail-safe Gatekeeper program), she tries to elude Jack while trying, mostly via computer, to figure out who he is, why he is trying to kill her, and how to get her identity back.


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