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During his final days, a dying man is reunited with old friends, former lovers, his ex-wife, and his estranged son.

Rémy, a university History professor in Montréal, describes himself as a lusty socialist. He and his ex-wife Louise's marriage broke up long ago because of his philandering, his mistresses including several of their closest mutual friends and some of his students. Rémy and Louise have remained on good terms with each other, as they have with those closest friends cum ex-mistresses. One person who is estranged from Rémy is his wealthy grown son, Sébastien, a London financial risk manager. Sébastien hates how his father's philandering broke up their family, leaving Louise to manage the family, including Sébastien and Sébastien's sister Sylvaine, on her own, while Rémy totally abhors his son's capitalist ideals. Upon news that Rémy has entered the hospital with what looks to be a terminal cancer prognosis, Sébastien and his fiancée Gaëlle decide to fly back to Montréal to be by his mother's side. That support for Louise includes taking care of Rémy's needs in what look to be his last days. But the situation in and of itself does not heal the fundamental rifts between father and son based on their ideals. Even in his constant pain and admitting that he is scared of his mortality, Rémy wants to live by his socialist ideal of universal health care, not wanting to jump a queue based on money. And Sébastien wants to throw money at any problem. But in making Rémy's last days comfortable and happy, they may come to the realization that being humanistic trumps all else.


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