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A rich businessman and a young woman are attracted to each other, but he only wants an affair while she wants to save her virginity for marriage.

On a rainy day, currently unemployed working girl Cathy Timberlake is furious when a passing limousine, driving through a puddle, splashes her resulting in her dress and raincoat to get all muddy. She is even more furious when the limousine fails to stop, even though she knows the limo's passenger saw her get splashed. She changes her tune when she later meets that passenger, dashing and wealthy businessman Philip Shayne. Cathy is immediately attracted to him and he to her. However, ladies' man Philip is much more experienced than her, and she is unprepared for his lavish and elaborate proposal - that she accompany him immediately to Bermuda, Paris and Monte Carlo - and its connotation that it hold no strings. Cathy turns to her streetwise roommate, Connie Emerson, for advice. As Philip and Cathy's whirlwind relationship progresses, Cathy's hesitance to go all the way for what Philip wants always seems to lead to frustration for Philip. Despite Philip and Cathy not seeming to make a full connection with each other due to Cathy's actions, Roger, Philip's business associate, believes Cathy is just what Philip needs in his life as Philip has always had the luxury of never having had to work to get a woman. Although Cathy really does want to be with Philip and as Philip really wants to be with Cathy, will they be able to get over these initial obstacles?


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