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Susan Trexel is a wealthy socialite, who while vacationing in Europe undergoes a religious transformation. On her return to America, Susan takes on the task of spreading her new found ...

Wealthy New Yorkers Barrie and Susan Trexel's marriage has long now been in name only. Self-absorbed Susan's disregard of her family has led to Barrie's drinking. They never see their now teenaged daughter, Blossom, who is shuttled between boarding school and summer camp. With no parental guidance, Blossom has become a slightly awkward young woman. Barrie and Susan's mutual friends side largely with Susan if only because they don't like to be around Barrie when he's drunk, which is all the time. The only exception among their friends is Charlotte, who secretly feels compassion for Barrie. While Susan is away on vacation in Europe, Barrie decides to sober up for the sake of his family, which includes reuniting with Blossom, who he learns wants more than anything for them to become a real nuclear family. Returning from Europe, Susan does whatever she can to avoid Barrie by hiding out at their friend Irene's house - where many of their mutual friends have convened - while advancing her latest "cause". She has found God and is a follower of a new religious movement that tries to expose the truth in God's name, which she does with her group of friends. Barrie does eventually catch up with her, and partly using her new-found relationship with God against her, negotiates them spending the entire summer together at their closed up country house with Blossom, much for Blossom's sake. Among the stipulations are that Barrie will grant her an immediate divorce if he falls off the wagon, and on her doing that sex will not be part of the arrangement. As the summer progresses, both Barrie and Susan may come to a better understanding of what they each need, both for themselves and out of a relationship.


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