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A young woman commits a hit-and-run, then finds her fate tied to her victim.

  • Stuart Gordon
  • Prodigy Pictures
  • Amicus Entertainment
  • Tumidor
Brandi Boski is employed as a Nursing Assistant at an Elders' Home. While she is sober at work, hopes to increase her earnings through a promotion, she is hooked on alcohol and drugs. While driving home after a wild party, she loses control and hits a male with such an impact that it throws him directly into her windshield. She manages to drive home, locks the car in her garage, notes that her victim is still alive but decides not to call for help as it will not only mean the end of her career but also an arrest and subsequent conviction. She decides to seek the help of her boyfriend, goes to meet him, sees him with another woman, gets very upset, but subsequently calms down, and dozes off. The next morning, she informs him about the accident, and the duo decide to return back to her residence in order to survey the situation and plan what to do next. What they find there will change their plan and their lives forever.


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