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After the vice-president's resignation over a scandal, senator 'Kay Bee' Hartmann is first in line to succeed him. The only likely skeleton in her closet is teenage daughter Ashley, on spring-break with her sorority in Texas's wild-reputed South Padre Island, trying to act cool in a desperate attempt to win back studly boyfriend William, who dumped her for a popular party animal. So the senator sends nerdy junior assistant Becky St. Germaine as chaperon. Becky takes along her former college friends, all refused by sororities and meeting for an annual joint holiday. For once it won't be tame but frightfully exciting, making up for their wasted wild years, joining the party scene with their libertine motel host and the Seven, a group of popular airheads who adopt the dog coach from the adult bunch as dance coach. One 'old' girl even attempts to seduce the hottest frat boy, gentleman Todd, which seems to work. —KGF Visserssororitybare breastskeg standsexual desiresex with a stranger50 morePlot summaryPlot synopsisTaglinesPayback's A Beach!GenresComedyRomanceMotion Picture Rating (MPAA)Rated R for crude humor and sexual referencesParents guide


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