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In the year 2772, a young cadet is sent to capture a mystical universal Phoenix, which possesses the power to rejuvenate the drained Earth.

In a distant, near-apocalyptic future, the Earth is slowly dying due to its natural resources running out. All human beings produced by computer to live out predetermined social roles. Godo, the hero of this saga, was classed and raised by his female robot guardian Orga to be an exceptionally gifted pilot. Even though Orga has developed romantic feelings for Godo, he has eyes for Rena, a politician's daughter far above his stature. Rena's fiancé Rock commissions Godo for a special mission: to head into space and capture the legendary Phoenix, a celestial being who has the ability to revive drained planets. Rock hopes to use the Phoenix to revive the Earth - and fulfill his ambition of becoming its leader, as well as keeping Godo away from Rena. So Godo and his companion Dr Saruta, and Orga coming along as well, blast off to the stars in search of the Phoenix. Godo's journey will take him through the cosmos, life and death, and above all love.


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