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A hypochondriac believes he is dying, and makes plans for his wife which she discovers and misunderstands.

  • Norman Jewison
  • Universal Pictures
  • Martin Melcher Productions
Judy Kimball quietly humors her husband George Kimball's chronic hypochondria, she knowing that there's nothing ever wrong with him as demonstrated by the placebo pills she often gives him for whatever he believes is ailing him. On his latest visit to his GP, Dr. Ralph Morrissey, to find out what that pain in his chest is, he is told that it's just indigestion and that he is one the doctor's healthiest patients. But when George overhears Dr. Morrissey talking to George's cardiologist about another patient's terminal heart problem, George assumes they are talking about him and his chest pain. He doesn't plan on telling Judy the news that he's dying, but after seeing that there are things in the world that Judy could not handle on her own, he decides that top on the list of things to do in his remaining two weeks on Earth is to find her a replacement husband as he doesn't want her to fall into the arms of the wrong man. This task is somewhat ironic as George is the jealous type who can't stand to see her with another man. George comes up with a short list of eligible candidates, which he is able to narrow down to one, Bert Power, an oil baron and Judy's college sweetheart, who he admittedly doesn't much like since he's good looking, wealthy and Judy seems to like him a little too much. As George tries to push Judy into Bert's arms, Judy comes to her own wrong conclusions as to why when she sees George with Linda Bullard, a soon to be divorcée with who she thinks he's having an affair. Because of Judy's conclusion, George decides to tell her the truth. But their marriage may not be able to survive Judy eventually finding out directly from Dr. Morrissey that George is indeed not dying, which leads her back to believing that George is cheating on her.


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