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It's sometime in the recent past. After his wife Maria and adolescent son Christian are killed in a Muslim fundamentalist terror attack at a civilian target that many officials frequent in Paris, Joshua Rose, working in the US foreign service, takes decisive measures to avenge their deaths. The most broad of those measures is joining the Foreign Legion under the given name Guy - he completing his training in 1987 - and assigning himself to fight in Bosnia in 1993 in the Balkan War, acting as a sniper for the Serb forces in an excuse to shoot to kill Muslims almost at will. He seems unmoved not only by anyone he kills, not knowing if they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time or truly Muslim warriors, but also by the brutal acts of murder committed by others around him. Things begin to change when he encounters Vera, a pregnant young woman who is trying to make her way home in what was the most recent prisoner swap between the Serbs and Muslim Bosniaks. All he knows about her is what he is told: that she was impregnated being raped by a soldier. As such, she seems not to care either about her life or by association that of her baby. In his redemption, he, in her home not being an option, does whatever it takes to get Vera and the baby to the Red Cross refugee office in Split, regardless of her wants and their lives at greater risk as their trip progresses. —Huggodead child with eyes opensledgehammermuslimmercenaryforeign legion45 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesHope is worth fighting for.GenresDramaWarMotion Picture Rating (MPAA)Rated R for strong violence including brutal war atrocities, and for languageParents guide


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