Netflix Movies Starring Yves Vincent

Tall and handsome,both athletic and aristocratic-looking, brown-haired (later in life silver-haired), Yves Vincent had everything to charm dames. And charm them he did, in real life, on the stage, on the big and little screen, for nearly fifty years. Born in France in 1921, he was raised and spent his youth in Algeria. Both a sporty type and literature enthusiast, this multi-talented man excelled at water-polo (he was a champion water-polo player in the R.U.A. team), was a good tennis player and a passable horse rider but his love for books finally led him to Radio-Alger where he started his acting career as a member of the channel's acting company. He was also an occasional announcer there. During World War II he was called up to work on the "Camp des Chênes" Youth Camp. Read more on iMDB