Netflix Movies Starring Vladimir Jon Cubrt

Vladimir was born in Hamilton, Ontario and lives in Toronto, Canada. He is a graduate of the Etobicoke School for the Performing Arts and the Ryerson Theatre School. Vladimir is the artistic director of Zocalo Toronto - the stage production company he founded in 2006. Under the Zocalo Toronto umbrella, Vladimir has written and produced three stage shows: "Samkon and Francis Go Swimming", "The Weeping Salsa" and "Flin Flonning". Vladimir starred in the premiere productions of The Weeping Salsa (2009) - a dance-drama hybrid - and Flin Flonning (2007). He directed the first production of Samkon and Francis Go Swimming (2012) at the Tarragon theatre in Toronto. Vladimir is a self-taught musician and composer. He plays guitar, drums and is presently taking formal lessons for the trumpet. He composed original music for his own band, M Baby, as well as for the Zocalo Toronto productions of "The Weeping Salsa" and "Flin Flonning". Read more on iMDB