Netflix Movies Starring Veronica Ferres

Veronica Ferres is one of the most famous actresses in Germany, and consistently ranks among the most popular and most successful leading ladies in polls. She has acted in over 20 theatrical feature films and starred in dozens of TV movies, winning most major German film and TV prizes and numerous international awards, including an Emmy 2002 for "The Manns". Ferres is recognized as one of the most influential women in German show biz. Ferres was born in Solingen, Germany, and studied German Literature, Psychology and Drama at the University of Munich before taking up acting. In Germany she had her breakthrough with the title role in the hit comedy "The Super Wife", followed by starring roles in hits such as Oscar nominated "Schtonk!", "Rossini", "Klimt" (alongside John Malkovich) and "Saviours in the Night", making her a household name in Germany. Read more on iMDB