Netflix Movies Starring Tiny Sandford

Stanley J. Sandford better known as "Tiny" Sandford was born in Iowa, U.S.A in 1894. He went into films in 1910 for Mack Sennett and joined Charlie Chaplin in 1916 appearing in "The Count", "The Immigrant" & "The Adventurer" (1916-17). He later appeared in Chaplin's productions such as "The Gold Rush" (1925), "The Circus" (1928), "City Lights" (1931), "Modern Times" (1936) & "The Great Dictator" (1940). But most of all he was best known for his films with Laurel & Hardy such as "The Second Hundred Years" (1927), "The Hoose-Gow" (1929), "Pardon Us" (1931) and "Our Relations" (1936) to name a few. He was originally cast as the Sheriff in "Way Out West" (1937) but was later replaced by Stanley Fields. Despite making some films for Edgar Kennedy in 1940 he retired. His best known role with Laurel & Hardy would've been "Big Business" (1929) and with Charlie Chaplin it would have to be "Modern Times" (1936). Read more on iMDB