Netflix Movies Starring Steve Van Wormer

A native of Grand Blanc, Michigan, Steve Van Wormer came to Los Angeles after graduating from Michigan State University through the sponsorship of the Warner Bros. Sitcom Writer's Workshop, soon moving into acting. With a background in sketch comedy performance and writing, he furthered his acting chops by enrolling in The Groundlings School. In addition, Steve began his own sketch comedy troupe, Caustic Casserole. The acerbic quartet performed at various venues around town, such as The Comedy Store and the Upfront Comedy Theater. Steve has appeared in numerous feature films, including the ensemble rave scene drama, Groove, Stew Deedle in Disney's Meet The Deedles, and Jingle All The Way opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger. His notable television appearances include the Disney Channel movie, Johhny Tsunami, the CBS Drama Turks, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Steve was on the cutting edge of FOX's interstitial programming, doing music and pop culture commentary for Spin On Fox. Read more on iMDB