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Soledad St. Hilaire was born in Santo Tomas Hospital in the City of Panama, on October 25, 1950, at 11:00pm. Graduated from Panama School in 1969, and in 1970, she came to Los Angeles, California, to attend California Business College, at this moment, she is attending Cypress College where she is under the intensive theater program. And although her hopes are set on a Law Degree, acting will be her first love. Ms. St. Hilaire has been a single mom of a very supportive daughter, Sabella St. Hilaire, also an actress, who continues to give her mother's career a one hundred percent support. In January 1992, Soledad was diagnosed with cancer, and after several operations, God gave her another opportunity, making Soledad realize that acting was her definite path. In 1995, her daughter's agent asked her to go to an audition, which she declined. Read more on iMDB