Netflix Movies Starring Sheng Chiang

Born Chiu Kang-sang on April 4, 1951 in Taiwan. Chiang had family problems from a young age. His family was too large and his parents could not look after him properly, so he was sent to the Fu Sheng Opera School in Taipei, Taiwan. During his time here, he had met friends which would become part of the Shaw Brothers studio with him, such as Robert Tai, Lu Feng and Kuo Chui. When studying at the school, Chiang trained in martial arts and acrobatics. In the mid 70's, Director Chang Cheh started his own company and headed out to Taiwan to find the latest talent for future projects. It was on this trip where he met Chiang Sheng, impressed by his martial art and acrobatic abilities, Chang Chen invited him to go to Hong Kong and do some work for him. Read more on iMDB