Netflix Movies Starring Seung Ryong Ryu

Born in Seo-choen, a small village, in South Korea in 1970, Seung-Ryong Ryu discovered his love for acting when he saw a play at the age of 15. Then, he went on to study theater at Seoul Institute of the Arts. For over a decade after graduating from the college, he was just an obscure actor mostly performing on the small stage. During this time period, he had a chance to spend 5 years performing 'Nanta', a non-verbal performance, travelling all around the world and patiently built up the skills and perspectives as an actor. He made his film debut as a minor role at a relatively late age of 34 in 'Someone Special (2004)'. In spite of a very short appearance, his 'driving existence as a supporting actor' instantly caught filmmakers' eye and soon led him to be a prolific supporting actor. Read more on iMDB