Netflix Movies Starring Rob Archer

They didn't throw away the mold, when it came to Rob Archer. He broke it. At 6'6", and 285 lbs. of solid, etched muscle, Archer moves like a comic book superhero come to life. As an actor, he moves smoothly between playing the recurring role of Bio-Man on "Defiance" [Seasons 1,2,3], the recurring role of Bruce on "Lost Girl" [Seasons 3, 4, 5] and the "Lost Girl" webisodes, four different characters on "Warehouse 13," guest-starred as The Brain on "XIII: The Series," Vernon Hicks in The Samaritan, and Buzz on Bulletproof Monk. Archer's credits also include "Beauty and the Beast," Kickass2, "Flashpoint," "Alphas," and Repo Men. For the winter of 2015, Archer embodies what is becoming, according to Hitfix, this generation's premiere bogeymen: Krampus in A Christmas Horror Story, co-starring William Shatner, which premiered at Fantasia, 2015. Read more on iMDB