Netflix Movies Starring Patricia Charbonneau

Ms Charbonneau has been a professional actor for over twenty years. Patricia's training began with Fred Karamen from the acclaimed Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, as well as with Winn Handman of the American Place Theater. Ms Charbonneau has been seen in over thirty films and television series; she has worked with Oscar winning directors William Friedkin and Michael Mann. Ms Charbonneau was nominated for the Independent Sprit Award for her ground-breaking performance in the film Desert-Hearts." Patricia has co-starred with William Peterson, Stanley Tucci, Julie Andrews, Sam Waterston, Diane Weist, and James Garner. Patricia honed her craft performing in classics as well as new American plays in New York, Los Angeles Europe and Australia. Ms Charbonneau has been passionate about introducing theater to children and young adults. She has taught workshops for the Santa Monica School District, The American Film Institute children's division and the Addison Witt Studios in Los Angeles. Read more on iMDB