Netflix Movies Starring Nigel Lindsay

Nigel Lindsay was born on 17th January 1969 and entered into the world of acting comparatively late. For three years he was a financial analyst in the City in his native London but, on his own admission, hated it and applied almost simultaneously for the law and the stage. He had a place at bar school beginning on the same day as the start of his three year course at the Webber Douglas Academy - but the lure of the stage prevailed and he chose the academy,where he won the Amherst Webber Scholarship. His finals role was in 'Charley's Aunt' directed by Michael Fry,for whom he first worked professionally with the Lincolnshire touring company Great Eastern Stage playing an assassin in 'Shoot the Archduke'. Since then he has appeared on many stages,the Royal Court,the National,the Old Vic and on Broadway in Tom Stoppard's 'The Real Thing'. Read more on iMDB