Netflix Movies Starring Nicholle Tom

While best known for her role as "Maggie Sheffield" on The Nanny (1993), the now grown-up Nicholle Tom is redefining herself as an actress. Recently, audiences became familiar with her dramatic talents when she starred in the title role of the CBS movie, The Book of Ruth (2004). Co-starring with Emmy-winner Christine Lahti, Nicholle portrays an emotionally abused young woman desperately seeking independence from her over-bearing mother. This year looks like it will be a banner year for Nicholle. This summer, Nicholle can be see in Windfall (2006) for NBC. Nicholle has a five episode arc on the new show in which she plays a speed addict, with a child, who desperately needs money to support her habit. It's a scripted drama that takes a look at the lives of lottery winners. After that show premieres, viewers can catch Nicholle in the very first comedy series made for the Independent Film Channel (IFC) The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman (2006). Read more on iMDB