Netflix Movies Starring Michael Teh

Michael came to acting after attaining top MBA and law degrees and an intense corporate career on the East Coast primarily in management consulting and as an Internet start-up executive. After a number of major life challenges and realizations, he quit corporate life and commenced full-time theatre training in New York. After three years of training there he moved to Los Angeles to become a professional actor. In his little time on the West Coast, Michael started is career shooting scores of independent films, mostly in lead roles. Dramatic leads included: one opposite Adrian Paul in "Lost Colony: The Legend of Roanoke" (SyFy prime-time premiere); and as the antagonist in martial arts film "White Wall". He played the heroic Queequeg in "2010: Moby Dick" opposite Renee O'Connor and Barry Bostwick; and the Han Solo-esque Captain Simms in "Air Collision" with Jordan Ladd & Reginald VelJohnson; he also played Jesus Christ in "The 3 Angels' Messages" and a rock star in "Groupie" with Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts. Read more on iMDB