Netflix Movies Starring Marcus T. Paulk

Marcus Terrell Paulk was born on October 12, 1986 in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California. With all the buzz of Hollywood glamour and celebrity stardom it seems Paulk felt right at home so early in life "street performing" in California's ever popular Venice Beach, at the impressionable age of 3. But Paulk's parents seeing the passion and skill he possessed performing at such a small scale, knew that their son was destined for greatness, and decided to take more leadership roles in preparing his career for the future. It seemed casting was no hard task for Paulk in the start of his career. Seemingly so, the 90s played a pivotal role in the awakening of the talents the Paulk possessed. In 1991 Paulk was cast to do voice over work for the Saturday morning animated show "Hammerman" created by hip hop legend MC Hammer. Read more on iMDB