Netflix Movies Starring Jose Rosete

Jose was born and raised in Arizona. He began acting in 1998, starting with extra work and over the years worked his way up to supporting and lead roles in short and feature length films. Jose worked the Arizona independent scene for over ten years before moving to Hollywood. He's been fortunate with opportunities to work with such talents as Academy Award Winner George Kennedy, Dan Ireland, Rupert Friend, Jessica Chastain, Danny Trejo, Lindsay Shonteff, Kane Hodder, Matthew Leitch, and Todd Bridges. In 2013 you can catch Jose in the up-coming feature films - lead role in "Office Ninja", supporting role in "Age of Dinosaurs" with Ronny Cox and Treat Williams. He had a lead role in "Deliverance from Evil" with Angel Aviles, supporting role in "Cathedral Canyon" with Winsor Harmon and John McCook, supporting role in "Intersect" with Jason Spisak, lead role in "Blocked" with Tiffany Shepis, "Blood Cure" with Mackenzie Rosman, the lead voice in "Natalie's Lose Lose", "Hunting the Phantom" with Armand Assante and Kristanna Loken, Supporting role in "Vet" with Vivica A. Read more on iMDB