Netflix Movies Starring Joe Cobden

Joe Cobden (born October 7, 1978 in Canada) found his first taste of acting while as an 11-year-old child busker on the street. As a busker, Joe toured all over Europe and America before deciding to focus on finishing out his education. He attended Concordia University's renowned Theatre Performance Program in Montreal and worked extensively across several Canadian stages. Joe Cobden's screen career began in 2000. He won a Genie Award in 2003 for his role Suddenly Naked (2001) starring Wendy Crewson and Peter Coyote. Other film work include the crime-thriller Swindle (2002), the comedy Hollywood North (2003), the disaster drama The Day After Tomorrow (2004), The Aviator (2004), all of which included such high caliber actors and actresses of Hollywood. His more recent films include the drama Source Code (2011) and the romantic drama The Vow (2012). Read more on iMDB