Netflix Movies Starring Jim Thorburn

Jim was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and raised in Calgary, Alberta. With his quiet demeanor, strong work ethic and exemplary talent this actor has proven to be a longstanding player in the entertainment industry, with a multidimensional career spanning over a decade. Growing up close to the Rocky Mountains, Jim trained to be an elite ski racer, competing at an international level until his early twenties. After retiring from ski racing Jim got a job working in the art and set decoration department on the massively successful Fox series "The X-Files". It was here he met Chris Carter and David Nutter who gave Jim his very first acting role on the groundbreaking Fox pilot "Millennium". Since then Jim has amassed an impressive resume, recurring for two seasons on Showcase's hit series "Paradise Falls", on the first season of the award winning Showcase series "Blackstone" and in a recurring guest star role on SyFy's hit thriller "Helix" as Caleb. Read more on iMDB