Netflix Movies Starring Jane Kean

Lovely, vivacious, honey-blonde entertainer Jane Kean enjoyed a lengthy career spanning over six decades encompassing vaudeville, radio, Broadway, nightclubs, Las Vegas showrooms, TV variety and the occasional film. Born April 10, 1923, in Hartford, Connecticut, Jane's parents split up while she was fairly young and her mother, prodding her daughters into the performing arts, moved the family to New York to test the waters. Elder sister (by 8 years) Betty Kean (1915-1986) moved quickly and successfully into show business and Jane would follow suit. Beginning her career on the professional stage with a role in "Hi Ya, Gentlemen!" at the Colonial Theatre in Boston, Jane made her film debut in the Republic musical Sailors on Leave (1941) starring William Lundigan and Shirley Ross and was also featured in the film Flying with Music (1942) before focusing strongly on the live stage. Read more on iMDB