Netflix Movies Starring Holliston Coleman

Holliston Coleman was born June 30, 1992 to Robert M. Coleman Jr. and Doris Berg Coleman. She has a younger brother, Bobby Coleman, who is also an actor(He's the lead in the John Cusack movie, Martian Child (2007)). Holli made her debut in the television program Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993) at the age of 4, where she played the role of Samantha Bing. The major breakthrough for Holliston was her amazing performance in the feature film Bless the Child (2000) with Kim Basinger. Holliston played 6-year-old Cody O'Connor, the daughter of Jenna (Angela Bettis), a drug-addicted mother who left Cody as a 9-day-old baby with her aunt Maggie (Basinger). Holliston was "the child" in Bless the Child (2000). Read more on iMDB