Netflix Movies Starring Guy Stockwell

Although younger brother Dean Stockwell is perhaps the better known actor of the two, Guy Stockwell was a seriously handsome, reliable performer over the years, appearing in over 30 films and 200 television shows. The son of singing performer Harry Stockwell and Nina Olivette (she also went by the name Betty Veronica), their mother sent both Dean and Guy to an open call for a 1943 Broadway show entitled "The Innocent Voyage," which was to star famed acting teacher Herbert Berghof. The play needed about a dozen children and, by chance, both boys were cast. Dean went immediately into films for MGM and became a popular post-war child star while Guy had to wait until adulthood before coming into his own. Following high school he attended the University of California where he majored in psychology and philosophy. Guy started his career off in minor film and TV bits, then was given his big break in 1961 as a regular cast member of the outdoor sea adventure Adventures in Paradise (1959) as first mate to star Gardner McKay. Read more on iMDB