Netflix Movies Starring Enrico Silvestrin

He started enjoying music at a very young age, listening to his mother's LP of artists such as Dire Straits, Franco Battiato, John Lennon. He send a VHS to MTV and got an audition. In 1994 he moved from Rome to London and worked for MTV UK. In 1995-1996 he worked for Italian Radio DJ and hosted "P.O. Box", an afternoon 1-hour program. In 1997 he moves back to Italy and starts working for newborn MTV Italy. He hosts "Sonic" for the first 2 seasons. He also hosted the 1st of May concert in Rome. In 1998 he worked for the Italian State televison RAi hosting the program "Taratata" for the first 2 seasons, and then dropping the program to famous Italian journalist Vincenzo Mollica. Gabriele Muccino offered him a part in his successful movie "L'ultimo bacio", but he refused to accept the lead role in flop Italian set-com "Via Zanardi 33". Read more on iMDB