Netflix Movies Starring Emil Sitka

Orphaned at twelve, Sitka caught the acting bug while living with a priest in Pittsburgh. He road the rails as a hobo for years during the Depression before arriving in Hollywood in 1936. Theatre work, including directing, eventually brought him to the attention of a talent scout, who contracted him to Columbia Studios. Famous for his character roles in slapstick comedy (he claims to have appeared in 450 movies), he became a regular in shorts and feature films with the Three Stooges, making thirty-five shorts with the boys before 1958. He holds the further distinction of appearing with each of the six Stooges (Moe, Shemp, and Curly Howard; Larry Fine; Joe Besser; and Joe DeRita). Sitka's most famous role, as a justice of the peace who begins every service with the words, "Hold hands, you love birds", brought him lasting fame among Stooge fans, who would sometimes ask him to repeat the phrase during their own wedding ceremonies. Read more on iMDB