Netflix Movies Starring David Huffman

Talented American leading and supporting actor, though often underrated, David Huffman was a familiar face in films and on television in the 1970s and 80s. The great success he had achieved, was cut short after he was tragically murdered in 1985. He had been appearing on Broadway for a number of years and often seen in supporting parts in television films and shows. He became known after taking the title role in the 1979 made for TV historical film "Tom Edison: The Boy Who Lit Up the World". Huffman's performance led to a short, but successful career of leading and supporting roles in films such as "Ice Castles", "F.I.S.T.", "Blood Beach", "St. Helens" and "Firefox". He was married to Phyllis Huffman and had two children. In 1985, he was murdered by a thief in San Diego, California. Read more on iMDB