Netflix Movies Starring Dallas Page

"DDP" is probably the biggest long-shot in the wrestling business who became a major star. This versatile entertainer was born and raised at the Jersey shore, growing up a fan of wrestling. He first found success in the bar business, owning and operating several wildly successful establishments in New Jersey and in Florida. It was here that DDP first saw television fame. Owning very popular bars, he found himself rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bon Jovi and several popular comedians who frequented, and performed in, the bars. This led to several minor appearances on MTV during the mid-'80s. When Page finally got bit by the wrestling bug, it was not even as a wrestler, but rather as a manager. He became a manager in the old AWA during its last few years. His first appearance in the WWF came as a one-time deal as Wayne Farris' (aka The Honky Tonk Man) driver at Wrestlemania VI in Skydome. Read more on iMDB