Netflix Movies Starring Chelsea Hobbs

Chelsea Hobbs was born in Vancouver, Canada to her father Richard Hobbs who was in the music industry and her mother Dana Hobbs, an entrepreneur. Chelsea's formal training began at the age of 3 with dancing, and she ended up in an arts program in high school, dancing 5 hours a day, 6 days a week. Her parents, after divorcing when Chelsea was only 7, enrolled her in acting classes so that she would have another creative outlet. It took them no time at all to realize that Chelsea's talents were too big for recitals and children's plays. Over the course of her youth, Chelsea appeared in over 50 commercials and, subsequently, booked a role over hundreds of other girls in the kids' improvisational TV series, No Adults Aloud (1994). Chelsea's educational career was quickly fast-tracked from an advanced secondary school arts curriculum, to being enrolled in an intensive acting program with students 5 years her senior and over, to graduating from home-school on-set at the age of 16. Read more on iMDB