2.8 5 2,310

A young woman must journey through the seasons to rescue her boyfriend who has been kidnapped by the evil Snow Queen.

  • David Wu
  • Hallmark Entertainment
  • Mat 1 Productions
  • Canadian Film Or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC)
Ever since her mother was found dead in the snow when she was eight, Gerda hated winter and kept herself safely hidden away from it as well as the rest of the world. It isn't until the new bellboy at her father's inn, Kai, takes notice of her that she begins to live again. However, just as the pair fall in love, Kai suddenly becomes cold and hateful. As he tries to fight his new nature, a mysterious woman dressed all in white comes to the inn and takes Kai away. Only Gerda believes he is still alive. With all of her faith, love, and courage, she will jorney through each season until it leads her to Kai and The Snow Queen.


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