Netflix Movies Starring Bruno Verdoni

Bruno Francesco Verdoni was born in an ITALIAN neighborhood in Montreal, Canada. Although TV shows and movies, especially Westerns, showed their early influence through the arrangement of his toy cowboy/war buddies underneath the kitchen table; it was music that grabbed his passion first. After sadly realizing he didn't have what it took to be an NHL hockey player nor a veterinarian, he took up the trumpet and studied Mozart, Beethoven, Al Hirt, and Maynard Ferguson among others. After High school the bass guitar had him playing, writing, rehearsing and touring with a prog rock band for 4 years. In college, while studying psychology, he became more interested in his film classes studying masters such as Di Palma, Scorcese, Trumbo, Fellini, Pasolini, Truffault, Joseph Losey, Orson Welles and consequently began acting in short films and doing improv. He received a BA in Arts/music composition and started touring as a musical performer, recording jingles and appearing on local TV talk shows. Read more on iMDB