Netflix Movies Starring Bradley Stryker

An Award Recognized Actor/Filmmaker, Bradley is the founder of Stryke-Force Films, a film company with a simple motto; "Live Your Life Out Loud." He attended six different establishments of higher education. Starting at Washington State University, and graduating four years later from San Diego State University. Upon graduating from University in 1999 Bradley quickly moved to Los Angeles. In 2001 he was cast in his first feature film "The Brotherhood". Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he grew up with a fascination with his surroundings. His films are a direct reflection of that fact. He embraces setting as a character, and it is no coincidence that his films celebrate the environment they are set within. Bradley is a man with a propensity to explore. His professional career in film started in Los Angeles, led him to Vancouver, BC; and has now landed him in New York City. Read more on iMDB