Netflix Movies Starring Arch Johnson

Arch Johnson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1922. A stage actor as well as a prolific television character actor, he was in the original production of "West Side Story" on Broadway and the revival of that show in the 1980s on Broadway as well. He was the only actor from the original stage version who returned for the revival and he toured Europe with the show. He was in the original version of "Other People's Money" on Broadway and originated the Role of "Jorge" that Gregory Peck played in the film version (Other People's Money (1991)). His first love was theatre, where he started, and he came back to it at the end of his career before retiring in the late 1990s. He passed away in October of 1997 from cancer. He was survived by five children (Jennifer, Jessica, Joseph, Archie Jr. Read more on iMDB