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Alfredo Castro Gómez was born in Santiago de Chile. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Acting from Universidad de Chile. Presently, he works as a theatre director, actor, pedagogue, playwright, and founder of Teatro La Memoria, a theatre company that marks a milestone in the history of contemporary Chilean theatre. In 2006, the company founded the Centro de Investigación Teatral (Center for Theatrical Investigation) and the Sala de Teatro: Teatro La Memoria (anintimate 100-seat playhouse). In 1989, Gómez received a grant from the French Government for advanced professional studies in Theatre Direction in Paris, Strasbourg, and Lyon. He then traveled to London in 1993, with a scholarship from the British Council for professional training in theatre acting at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. In June of 2010, Gómez went to Italy to perform alongside distinguished actor Tony Servillo in the Italian film É stato il figlio, directed by Daniele Cipri. Read more on iMDB