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Curious kids unearth the barrels that helped revive the dead of the first film, which proves the second time's an undead charm.

While transporting drums of the dangerous Trioxin gas, one of them falls from the army truck into a river. In the morning, the boy Jesse Wilson is bullied by the older Billy and Johnny and he hides himself under a bridge nearby the cemetery. The two bullies find Jesse and they see the barrel. Then the bullies lock Jesse in a mausoleum and they decide to open the barrel, releasing the Trioxin and breathing the toxic gas. Meanwhile the grave robber Ed hires Joey to help him to pillage the graves and they go to the cemetery in a van with Joey's girlfriend Brenda. Ed and Joey go to the mausoleum and Jesse is released and runs home. His sister Lucy Wilson tells him to do the homework. Then the cable guy Tom Essex arrives to fix the television and he recognizes Lucy from the high-school. Soon the Trioxin awakes the dead in the cemetery and the town is crowded with hordes of zombies. Ed, Joey and Brenda run to Jesse's house and team up with Lucy and Tom trying to survive to the brain eaters.
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