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Aliens who look like clowns come from outer space and terrorize a small town.

In Crescent Cove, Dave Hanson and Debbie Stone are dating in an isolated place and they see a shooting star crashing in the woods. They decide to look for the place where the star crashed and they find a weird circus tent. Soon they discover that the circus is a spacecraft and the aliens look like clowns. Further many residents were killed and are wrapped in cocoons. They are hunted down by the killer clowns but they succeed to flee. They head to the town and they meet the open-minded Sheriff Mike Tobacco, who is Debbie's former boy-friend. His partner, Sheriff Curtis Mooney, does not give credit to the youngsters' words, but Mike goes with Dave to the spot. Soon Mike learns that Dave and Debbie are telling the truth and they decide to protect Debbie. However she has been abducted by the clowns and they team-up with the owners of an ice-cream truck, Rich Terenzi and Paul Terenzi to rescue Debbie from the killer clowns.


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