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A girl from a small town heads to the big city of Los Angeles to spend the summer at a performing arts high school.

A teenage girl, Terri, has a passion for music. School's out and she wants to spend the summer at a performing arts academy in L.A. She is encouraged by her mother and brother but has a hard time convincing her father, who is a little rough around the edges. Things go bad when she sneaks her brother, Paul, out to a concert and they both end up in a car crash. Terri survives but Paul was less fortunate and he died. Terri was devastated and she decides to quit music, but with a little encouragement and a sly plan from her family (except her father) she decides to go ahead to L.A. Noone is nice to her at the academy at first but gradually they got better and she made some friends; Kiwi, Denise and Jay whom she starts dating after awhile. She also meets some bullies; Robin and her friends. Throughout her time there, she learns that her brother is the reason she got accepted in the first place. She gets closer to Jay, while continuing to lie to her dad. Haunted by her brother's death, her musical talents intensify.


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